One year with Covid-19

07 november, 2022

Since February 2020, COVID-19 has affected project implementation and our way of work:

February 2020

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and its global and local prevention measures started to impact our scope of implementation and means of delivery as early as February 2020.

March–July 2020

Movement restrictions were imposed by local government, with significantly intensified periods between March and July.

March 2020

Under periods of curfew and containment, SWEDO, in addition to adapting to work-from-home plans, reinforced its strategy with ready-to-implement contingency plans allowing the teams to practice their managerial skills. SWEDO stood out by expanding its presence during the pandemic, finding smart and sustainable solutions to stay connected with the populations of concern and exploring every possibility to reach out to those vulnerable while ensuring compliance with the pandemic control measures.

After April 2020

As the situation permitted, SWEDO further scaled up its presence in the field after April 2020, rotating staff between work-from-home and field response.

How did we fare?

In 2020, SWEDO provided 436,160 individual aid deliveries in Iraq and Syria through its various programme activities, such as protection, livelihoods, in-kind, and food assistance, thanks to direct partnership agreements with UNHCR, UNFPA, WFP, and SRTF.

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