" Equipping the Palestinian youth with the Knowledge, skills and tools to advocate for human rights in the West bank-Palestine"

25 February, 2024
The program facilitated meaningful connections among participants, enabling them to share experiences and information on how to address human rights violations effectively. By immersing themselves in communities affected by various forms of oppression, participants were able to witness firsthand the impact of violations such as settler violence, housing restrictions, and movement constraints.
The training empowered young activists to amplify their voices through various media channels, enabling them to share personal stories and perspectives authentically. This approach not only raised awareness of key issues but also fostered a sense of solidarity and collective action among participants.

Moreover, The initiative underscored the importance of advocacy and resilience in the face of human rights challenges. By shedding light on both the existence of violations and the need for proactive engagement, the program laid the groundwork for ongoing activism and community-driven initiatives.

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