We make sure that your donations go to those who need it the most. Over 90 per cent of SWEDO’s income is channelled to our work with those who need us and your contribution.

SWEDO’s Transparency and Integrity

SWEDO is a transparent and impartial humanitarian and development organization with 30 years in the field working for internally displaced persons, refugees and host communities. We hold ourselves accountable to our donors, partners, stakeholders, philanthropists, right holders and the beneficiaries we serve. To make sure of our integrity we adhere with our humanitarian principles set forth under.


Accountability is a vital aspect of SWEDO’s operations. We adhere this principle by well established, free, easy, safe and dignified system of listening to our staff, stakeholders, right holders and beneficiaries. SWEDO commits itself by zero-tolerance policy against sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) and corruption.


SWEDO as a humanitarian and development organization supports people based on their needs. We do not discriminate based on age, gender, caste, colour, political affiliation, disabilities and/or religion. We are sensitive in counting for special needs of right holders and beneficiaries in our programs.


Complete transparency in utilization of funds is ensured by SWEDO to its donors. We have a well-established finance system and finance monitoring procedures in place. We offer fully supported audit access to our donors and/or financial supporters.

Cost efficiency

SWEDO believes in value for money and optimum utilization of resources. Our operations are cost-effective with nominal support cost. Our funds are being consumed in conflict-affected areas for people in need.

Monitoring, evaluation and learning

We learn from our projects and always make sure that our staff members are highly trained and that our learnings are reflected in our operations and future plans. For learning and continuous growth, we have a well-established monitoring and evaluation system. Our monitoring and evaluation teams ensure extrapolation of our learnings in ongoing and new projects.

Risk management 

Risk analysis and successive mitigation measures are essential parts of SWEDO’s project designing and planning. We make sure our programs are transparent, cost effective, safe, dignified, harmless, time-bound and result-oriented.

What we do

We are aiming to provide humanitarian assistance, improve human rights and to promote peace. Always encouraging local resilience as the key strategy.