Gender-Equality and Woman Empowerment

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Gender-Based Violence (GBV) is one of the main challenges facing the population in Iraq. Exacerbated by armed conflict and displacement, GBV is considered a principal barrier to women and girls achieving their full potential. 

Therefore, SWEDO in 2020 opted to extend its partnership with UNFPA to reduce the prevalence of GBV and mitigate its harmful effects, while working to strengthen gender equality and awareness among the youth sector of displaced and refugee communities. 

Our achievements in the “Gender-Equality and Woman Empowerment Programme” during 2020:

  • SWEDO established Women’s Support Centres in five locations across three provinces, deploying nine mobile teams to facilitate GBV services. 
  • 9,000 individuals received messages on GBV services, child marriage, honor killings, and female genital mutilation.
  • Awareness Sessions were delivered to 2,100 beneficiaries. 
  • SWEDO and its implementing partner targeted 2,000 persons with psycho-social support and referrals. 
  • With the support of UNFPA, a total of 6,300 Dignity Kits were distributed. 
  • 3,000 adolescent girls were supported on the toolkit by 44 well-trained school social workers. 
  • Through community support and awareness-raising activities, SWEDO targeted 213 community and religious leaders, training and educating them on their role in combating violence against women and girls.
  • 36 community-based women’s support groups were established. 
  • A capacity-building training was provided to 95 NGO workers and government social workers to increase GBV service provision to survivors. Within the supported groups, nearly 200 persons with disabilities were reached by our mobile teams and supported with different types of activities.  
  • A safety audit was conducted to assess the services and evaluate privacy, safety, and security of women and girls. 
  • 135 women were empowered by recreational activities, 15 of which in-kind support and a cash grant to launch their own new businesses. Client support was provided to disabled women. 

In total, SWEDO reached more than 13,700 beneficiaries in 2020 through this programme. 

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