Khadija can now take care of her child

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2020, Erbil, Iraq

Khadija, a 40-year-old internally displaced woman from Baghdad, now lives as a tenant in a rented room in Erbil with her eight-year-old boy, who has down syndrome. Khadija’s struggles with displacement became worse when her husband abandoned her without a divorce, leaving her and their child with no financial support. The spouse, who stays in Mosul, deprived them of their basic rights. 

Khadija´s condition was prolonged for four years. During this period the mother and child depended on humanitarian assistance and tutoring provided by neighbouring families. Khadija sought to obtain a verdict of divorce and alimony, but she could not complete the legal case on her own. Khadija then approached SWEDO to seek legal support in managing her case. The SWEDO legal team filed two lawsuits on her behalf for divorce and alimony. Court notification was sent to her husband in Mosul, and as a result, both cases were reconciled for her benefit.

With the help of SWEDO, Khadija received a court certificate for her divorce and was able to start a new chapter in her life, where her son receives the needed care. The court also bound the husband with 12,480,000 IQD (7,003 EUR) as past alimony to his wife and child for the last four years. Their son will continue to receive monthly alimony until he turns 18. Khadija now finds it easier to take care of her child and pay for his treatment and medication.

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