Activities during the outbreak of COVID-19

Swedo reach out to people in urban areas and in camps to raise awareness about the virus.
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Since the outbreak of COVID-19, SWEDO in coordination with its partner UNHCR, counterparts from the Ministry of Health, and World Health Organization, streamlined its wide range of activities with the communities to deliver messages of advice on precautionary measures for persons of concerns to follow at this time of the pandemic. Approximately 575,267 Internally displaced persons and nearly all 270,000 Syrian refugees in Iraq residing in Iraq Kurdistan, are exposed to the risk and spread of the virus, but with limited resources as some service providers have halted their activities, and additionally the restriction of movements has impacted the delivery of humanitarian services. In Diyala, SWEDO teams and just before the shutdown of schools, delivered intensified hygiene awareness sessions to 28,000 children and school cadres. In Duhok, Outreach teams and community volunteers reached out to people in urban areas and in camps to raise awareness about the virus, and disseminated leaflets and placed posters. We still hold these activities in key locations like health centers, local markets, shopping centers, clinics, police stations, community centers and camp management offices. In Erbil, SWEDO Outreach teams has initiated awareness campaigns in several urban areas around the city, and in camps, SWEDO provides a direct approach communication method to closely monitor and work with the camp residents. This is done via information focal points and helpline operators that respond to inquiries and questions within the camp. We will continue delivering critical assistance and support, while adhering to the applied movement restrictions and safeguarding the safety of our team members. The necessary communication and coordination will be maintained with all partners on the ground.

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