General problematic

Following the crisis in Iraq and Syria, hundreds of thousands of IDP and Refugee families have been forced out of their homes and are presented with new challenges, obstacles and protection risks upon arrival. These families often arrive with very little belongings and even less information on the services and assistance available to them in their new homes. In order to minimize these protection risks, community outreach is of utmost importance in order for new arrivals to better adapt to their new life, in new surroundings. Furthermore, newly arrived individuals are at heightened risks of being subject to sexual and gender-based violence. As a result, it is crucial that our reporting mechanisms and necessary programmes are in place to respond to these protection risks.

SWEDO’s work

Our Outreach project aims to engage members of the IDP, refugee (Syrian and non-Syrian) and host communities in protection operations. Through community-based protection, our initiatives are implemented based on protection case identification, community resource mapping, mass information dissemination, facilitation of community empowerment initiatives, and built local capacities. In addition to community-based protection, we focus on strengthening the prevention and response to GBV among women and girls in camp, and non-Camp settings.

Swedo Sweden

Headquarters in Stockholm
E-mail: info@swedoaid.org
Phone: +46 (0)8 – 128 268 00
Postal address: Tegelviksgatan 40, 116 41 Stockholm, SWEDEN

Swedo Iraq

Country Management Office in Erbil, KRI/Iraq
E-mail: infoiraq@swedoaid.org
Address: Italian Village 2, House No. 386 – 387, Erbil, KR-I, IRAQ

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