Livelihood and Education

General problematic

The recent years of instability and great numbers of people displaced from Syria and other parts of Iraq, arriving to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, has led to a very high number of children losing their basic right to formal education. This is due to a number of challenges such as the limitation in the allocation of funds, language barriers and demotivation that many children suffer.

SWEDO’s work

We launched a project to promote formal education among refugee children, with a focus on improving the quality of education and reducing the number of student dropouts from school, which is interrelated to child labor and child marriage. Our activities improved the quality of education and ensured a safe learning environment, benefiting a wide range of students from primary schools to secondary schools.

IDP children start the new school year with smiles as they are encouraged and reminded about the value of learning
Swedo Sweden

Headquarters in Stockholm
Phone: +46 (0)8 – 128 268 00
Postal address: Tegelviksgatan 40, 116 41 Stockholm, SWEDEN

Swedo Iraq

Country Management Office in Erbil, KRI/Iraq
Address: Italian Village 2, House No. 386 – 387, Erbil, KR-I, IRAQ

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