General problematic

In an emergency situation, families often flee with little more than the clothes they are wearing and consequently find themselves displaced without any personal belongings. In addition to food; refugees and IDPs are in urgent need of non-food items to survive, including blankets, plastic sheeting, mattresses, stoves and pots.

SWEDO’s work

In partnership with United Nations we have been the biggest distribution actor across north of Iraq distrib¬uting core relief items, communicating with approved persons of concern and facilitating registration for the winterization assistance and provision of core relief items, sealing off kits, and non-food items.

Cash registration assistance, Duhok 2018
Swedo Sweden

Headquarters in Stockholm
E-mail: info@swedoaid.org
Phone: +46 (0)8 – 128 268 00
Postal address: Tegelviksgatan 40, 116 41 Stockholm, SWEDEN

Swedo Iraq

Country Management Office in Erbil, KRI/Iraq
E-mail: infoiraq@swedoaid.org
Address: Italian Village 2, House No. 386 – 387, Erbil, KR-I, IRAQ

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