SWEDO code of conduct and policies. Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, Learning (MEAL) unit is the custodian for adherence of accountability in all of the programs. However, all staff members of SWEDO are accountable to policies and standards followed by organization.

SWEDO is accountable to its stakeholders, beneficiaries and staff. Stakeholders can be donors, community organizations and government institutions. Beneficiaries are the communities for those SWEDO is operating in region. Staff members are direct and indirect employees hired by SWEDO and working in our projects. Direct staff are our direct employees and indirect staff is employees those are working for SWEDO but are not directly paid and managed by us.

SWEDO is accountable to make sure that we are transparent, impartial, respecting human and rights for others. Accountability is cross cutting and important aspect of all of our programs and offices. All the staff members of SWEDO are trained in accountability as per our policies and standard we follow.

To make sure that accountability is in place and our staff is accountable SWEDO has established complaint and feedback mechanism (CFM) for staff and stakeholders. CFM for staff is directly dealt by HR personals with involvement of management MEAL unit. Whereas, CFM with stakeholders and beneficiaries is directly dealt by MEAL unit with involvement of HR and management. We have well prepared CFM guideline to listen from our staff, stakeholders and beneficiaries. CFM system is carefully developed considering the free and safe accessibility by all at any time. SWEDO staff is trained in accountability systems and Core Humanitarian Standard by MEAL unit.

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Swedo Iraq

Country Management Office in Erbil, KRI/Iraq
Address: Italian Village 2, House No. 386 – 387, Erbil, KR-I, IRAQ

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